Top 3 Skin Whiteners

#1 Meladerm

Effectiveness: 90%

Safeness: 100%

Best Price: $49.99

Results In: 2 weeks

Meladerm Reviews

#2 Revitol

Effectiveness: 80%

Safeness: 100%

Best Price: $29.95

Results In: 4 weeks

Revitol Reviews

#3 SkinBright

Effectiveness: 70%

Safeness: 100%

Best Price: $49

Results In: 4 weeks

SkinBright Reviews

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Meladerm Reviews

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21 Best Skin Lightening Cream Reviews 2017

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Revitol Reviews Revitol Reviews

Best Skin Whitening Cream | Meladerm Reviews

SkinBright Reviews SkinBright Reviews

Nur76 Reviews

What is Nur76 Skin Lightening?

Designed as a cosmetic product, marketed by UK Skin Lightening, Nur76 Skin Lightening is often referred as an all-in-one skin care regime because it’s also used to deal with issues such as pregnancy marks, dark spots, pigmentation, blemishes and melasma. The general outcome is fair, radiant and bright skin.

The best part about Nur76 is that it does not contain bleach or hydroquinone which can have harmful effects on our skin, especially with long term use. Nur76 Skin Lightening can be applied on any skin surface and not just the face.

Nur76 Skin Lightening can serve specific skin issues experienced by men such as shaving and razor marks. Unlike other products, Nur76 is loaded with natural ingredients and excludes Hydroquinone. Hydroquinone is an ingredient found in most of the skin whitener creams out there. While Hydroquinone does the trick for you, it can invite allergic reactions as well. Goes without saying, sticking to Nur76 allows one to stay scot-free from all kinds of side-effects.

How Does Nur76 Skin Lightening Work?

Nur76 Skin Lightening makes use of natural ingredients to wipe away the problems associated with hyperpigmentation. The fact that it’s 100% natural has invited herds of people towards it. The herbal extracts curb melanin production and spread them evenly throughout the skin. In a way, it hinders the development of melanin in our body.

Besides this, the ingredients present in the cream also act like a natural shield against environmental factors, which can potentially lead to melanin production in our body. Licorice, kojic, bearberry, arbutin complex and kiwi extracts are the most active ingredients present in Nur76 Skin Lightening. All these components play an active role in preventing skin discoloration and pigmentation related issues caused mainly due to our not-so-good lifestyle.

The presence of UVA and UVB sun-blocks saves us from the harsh effects of sunlight. UVA and UVB sunscreen also prevents further skin damage. Besides this, Nur76 Skin Lightening contains vitamins and minerals that balance our skin by supplying it with the right kind and amount of nutrition.

The most alluring part about this cream is that it reverses the aging process, while brightening our face at the same time. This is possible because the cream reverses the process of damaged cells with the aid of UV rays present inside the cream. It also stimulates the growth of collagen and elastin. These ingredients provide our skin with a tighter and firmer look.  

Where to Buy Nur76 Skin Lightening?

Nur76 can be easily obtained from their company website Don’t expect jaw dropping prices over here, even the most basic skin whitening cream would cost you around £36. On a higher side, the “ultimate” pack which includes the most powerful combinations for extra strong skin lightening would cost you £197. If you are a first- time buyer, we suggest you to try their Nur76 Advanced 3-in-1 at £97.00 or USD147.00.

The company is so confident that Nur76 Advanced 3-in-1 will work for you that they want you to use it for 90 days and if it doesn't work on your skin, you can just send back the empty bottles and they will issue you a full refund. However, you need to contact them before you return the products as you will be given a 'Returns Authorisation Number” and return address to post the empty bottles, box and your proof of purchase/receipt. They can be reached at UK Tel: 0161 621 0925, or, USA / Worldwide Tel: 00 44 161 621 0925.

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Effectiveness: 90%

Safeness: 100%

Price: £97.00

Results In: 3 weeks

Nur76 Reviews